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When it comes to strong siding and trim, James Hardie’s engineers wanted to create building products that could withstand the test of time, all while valuing smart design. The company accomplished their goal and created one of the most durable and stylish siding products in the industry.

James Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim provides a genuine wood look without all of the negative attributes of wood and wood-based siding. James Hardie products can be made to look like wood lapboards, cedar shingles, and wood shake siding, all in a refreshed palette of colors made exclusively to reflect the taste and styles of Midwest homeowners.

Let’s take a closer look at why James Hardie siding and trim one-ups wood and wood-based siding every time:

When faced with water…

The weakness of wood: Water can damage your home like nothing else can, especially if your home is clad in wood or wood-based siding. It may be gradual, but it is relentless, and can lead to rot, mold damage and swelling.

The strength of James Hardie siding and trim: James Hardie products are made of durable fiber cement specifically engineered to withstand damage from moisture and rot.

When faced with pests…

The weakness of wood: Wood and wood-based siding can easily be pecked by the all-too-common Midwest woodpeckers. Once a woodpecker has done extensive damage, moisture and other pests can make their way into your home.

The strength of James Hardie siding and trim: In the Midwest, woodpeckers are one of the biggest siding concerns. James Hardie fiber cement siding and trim do not entice woodpeckers and won’t be eaten by termites

When faced with sun…

The weakness of wood: Years of sun exposure striking painted wood or wood-based siding can cause cracking and peeling paint.

The strength of James Hardie siding and trim:

James Hardie siding and trim is available with ColorPlus® Technology, a color process that bakes the paint onto the board to help resist fading. Your siding will look vibrant for years without excessive maintenance and is protected against peeling, cracking and chipping with a 15-year limited warranty that covers paint and labor.

When faced with fire…

The weakness of wood: Fire feasts on wood and wood-based siding.

The strength of James Hardie siding and trim: James Hardie siding will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame, nor will it contribute fuel to a fire. The product is made from fiber cement, which is non-combustible and prevents flame spread unlike its wood and wood-based siding counterparts. For an added perk, homeowners may receive a discount from their home insurance provider for installing non-combustible James Hardie siding and trim.


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