Why Trying to Save Money and Cut Corners on your New Roof Will Cost you in the Long Run

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Why Trying to Save Money and Cut Corners on your New Roof Will Cost you in the Long Run


As most homeowners know, replacing a house roof will always be a costly process. This often results in them trying to cut corners and get the work done as cheaply as possible. However, in 99.9% of cases, this will result in serious roof-related issues occurring down the road. Below are some reasons why you should always hire an accredited and licensed roofing contractor

#1 – Unnecessary Leaks can Develop

In most cases, fly-by-night roofing companies are only out to make money – they don’t care whether the homeowner experiences serious problems afterward because there is a strong possibility that they will not be able to be reached afterward to fix their shoddy workmanship.

When accredited roofing companies complete a new installation, they will ensure that everything has been done according to current industry and safety standards. This means that the chances of leaks occurring will be virtually zero – unless your home suffers from severe weather damage afterward.

#2 – Energy Costs will Increase

When a roof has not been installed correctly, it will result in homeowners having to deal with unnecessarily increased energy bills. One reason for this happening is because a non-qualified roofer will not stop to check if the home’s attic is receiving sufficient ventilation.

When an attic is not well ventilated, it not only results in a lot of hot air being trapped there; it means that air-conditioning units will have to work a lot harder to keep the rest of the home at a comfortable temperature. In more extreme instances, a poorly ventilated attic will also cause moisture to become trapped and end up condensing on the rafters. Over time, this can result in them rotting and requiring premature replacement.

#3 – Moisture Stains and Black Mold could Develop

This is another reason why it’s essential to hire accredited, licensed and experienced roofing contractors. Any moisture that becomes trapped in a home’s attic space will cause a lot of condensation to form and over time, homeowners will start noticing that moisture stains are appearing on ceiling boards and along interior walls.

Moisture stains are not only unsightly and inconvenient to keep cleaning; in due course, the excess moisture will cause black mold to start spreading throughout the attic. Once this happens, it will only be a matter of time before the mold starts moving through the rest of a home to carpeting, soft furnishings, clothing and even paperwork.

Before agreeing to allow any roofing company to perform repairs, maintenance or new installations, it is imperative that homeowners meet with the contractors who will be doing the work and confirm whether they are licensed, accredited, insured and experienced. This will ensure that all work carried out is done so according to the latest industry and safety standards. Homeowners who need to have roofing work performed or who would like to find out more about the roofing products and services we provide can do so by contacting our team today.

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