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3 Exterior Hazards to Check Before Buying a Home


Spring is inching its way closer and along with it the home buying season.  When looking for a new home, there are many things to check for before making that important decision including the exterior of the property.  Skipping this critical step could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs later on.


Here are 3 exterior hazards you should check before purchasing a home:


1. Roof problems The roof is an essential part of the home.  When purchasing a new or used home complete a thorough inspection of the roof.  Make sure your inspector looks for water spots or damage on the roof as well as ensuring there is proper drainage to the gutter system. If needed, replace the entire roof, especially on older homes that are prone to high levels of moisture.

2. Adequate insulation and ventilation Proper insulation and ventilation around the home will help homeowners save money and live more comfortably.  Take a look in the attic to verify that there is the necessary roof and soffit ventilation installed.  This will reduce moisture in the home while also controlling heat loss.  Also, ensure that the insulation is adequate enough to allow for proper air flow.

3. Poor drainage around the structure Cracks and leaks in a homes foundation can cause considerable damage and cost to a homeowner.  When buying a home, inspect the gutters and downspouts for cracks and leaks.  Also, take a look at the water flow through the downspouts to make sure the water moves freely away from the home, especially the foundation.


Sometimes homeowners are able buy a home at an unbelievable price with the understanding that some necessary repairs are needed.  If you are looking to have the exterior of your new home repaired or renovated, contact the experts at Custom Installations.  We are knowledgeable and skilled in roof repair and installation, soffit ventilation, custom siding and gutters.  We carry with us decades of professional experience and can help make your new home the best on the block.


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