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3 Rules of Exterior Home Design


Are you planning an exterior renovation? If so, here are three design rules to keep in mind when crafting your perfect home.

Add a mixture of textures for a more custom look. A home that is all one material can be overbearing and boring. To make your home have a more designer feel, it is important to use the right mixture of textures in your material choices. For a more rustic appeal, try shingles or cedar planks with tumbled bricks. For a more modern look, use simple wood panels or granite inlays.

Consider both function and form when planning your architectural design. A beautiful home can become a burden when it doesn’t provide what’s necessary to meet the homeowner’s basic needs. It is essential to also keep in mind the impact interior elements will have on the exterior appearance.

Symmetry is critical for a home to look both appealing and well-proportioned. Balancing windows on each side of the front of the home and centering the door are important to creating a design that is pleasing to the eye. Even roof lines and dormants should be evenly configured.

If you are looking for a professional expert to assist you in designing your exterior renovation, consider the team at Custom Installations.

We specialize in helping our clients create beautiful designs to complement their existing exterior while addressing their unique needs and taste. To schedule your consultation or to learn more about our custom design services, contact us at 847.906.0993.

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