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Could Your Home Benefit from Metal Roofing?


What is one of the fastest growing trends in home construction?  Its the installation of metal roofing onto a new or existing home.  In fact, this popular roofing material is a $75 billion a year industry.  With a larger percentage of homeowners considering this option more than ever before, metal roofing will continue to grow in 2016 and beyond.


Here are some pros and cons of installing metal roofing on your home:



– It is both fire resistant and long-lasting.  Although warranties vary, most companies offer a 20-50 year warranty and 30 years on painted surfaces.

– During the summer, it reflects the heat from the sun keeping the home cooler and requiring less air conditioner use.

– This option is great for homes with minimal roof pitch.

– Metals hard and slippery surface makes it a great defense against rain and snow especially in the Midwest.



– Metal roofing can be more expensive than standard materials such as asphalt shingles.  It may be more difficult for homeowners to recoup their investment if they plan to sell in 5-10 years.

– Extra sound-deadening insulation may be needed to reduce the amount of noise from rain and other things hitting the surface.

– It may be difficult to match the material if the homeowner decides to remodel or expand down the road.

Interested in exploring your metal roofing options?  The team at Custom Installations can help you find the right material for your unique home and needs.  We are experienced in installing a number of roofing materials from metal to cedar and more.  Partnering with our clients, Custom Installation is dedicated to helping homeowners across the North Shore enjoy a beautiful, well-constructed home.

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