Different Flashings and Their Functions

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Different Flashings and Their Functions


When it’s being pummeled by rain, your roofing system is at risk of moisture intrusion and water damage. To help keep it safe, thin metal sheets are applied on all the intersections. These are flashings and they help protect your asphalt or metal roofing system at their weakest spots. 

There are different types of flashing and they’re applied depending on what they do.

Explaining Their Use

Simply put, flashings are metal strips that cover any possible openings. They are secured tightly with screws and they act as a waterproof and airtight barrier. They are shaped according to where they are placed. That’s why you can have flashings around your chimney, roof intersections and skylights.


There are different materials roofing services professionals use for your flashing. They vary in how they are installed and which roofs they are compatible with. These are:

  • Plastic – strong and waterproof, but not used with asphalt roofs.

  • Roofing Felt – often added as a secondary layer, since it is weaker alone.

  • Rubber – good water resistance, but flammable.

  • Galvanized Steel – most commonly used, highly durable, long-lasting and affordable.

  • Aluminum – easy to bend and shape, ideal for customized roofing.

  • Copper – mostly reserved for copper roofing.


Aside from different materials, there are also different types of flashing. They generally relate to where they are applied. These include:

  • Continuous Flashing – applied to all surfaces where a vertical wall and roof meet.

  • Drip Edges – applied to edges of rakes and eaves to prevent water spillage.

  • Step Flashing – overlapping where the roof and the side of a wall meet, such as a chimney or skylight.

  • Valley Flashing – applied to the valley, where two roofing slopes meet.

  • Vent Pipe Flashing – cone-like sheet, applied where pipes are placed.

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