Galvanized Steel Vs. Galvalume Roofing

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Galvanized Steel Vs. Galvalume Roofing


Metal roofing is one of the most versatile roofing options available today, but there’s more to them than just stainless steel panels on top of the home. Today, Custom Installations takes a look at two metal roofing options: galvanized steel and galvalume. How are those two different and how can they benefit you?

Galvanized Steel

The most popular option used for metal roofing, galvanized steel is made by coating steel with one or more layers of zinc oxide in a process called galvanization. The zinc oxide bonds with the steel, improving the material’s resistance to moisture damage.


Galvalume is similar to galvanized steel, but instead of coating the steel in zinc oxide, it is hot-dipped in a mixture of zinc, aluminum and silicone. Galvalume also has improved corrosion resistance, but it also has better heat resistance thanks to the aluminum and silicone. A roofing or siding contractor will usually recommend galvalume over galvanized steel for this reason.

Overcoming Galvalume’s Downsides

Although galvalume looks like a clear winner over galvanized steel, special care must be taken when using it for roofing. For example, galvalume’s corrosion and heat protection can easily be lost if the metal suffers from deep scratches. Galvalume should also be carefully installed to make sure that it doesn’t come in contact with concrete or mortar (which both have alkaline properties) to avoid speeding up wear and tear.

Ensuring Proper Installation

Both galvanized steel and galvalume perform best if they are installed to manufacturer’s specifications. That said, you should hire a professional roofing services company like ours to install your metal roof. Roofs that we install tend to have fewer problems and are protected by installation and product warranties.

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