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Here Comes the Sun: Protecting Your Home from Solar Damage


Fading siding, worn windowsills, and discolored furniture can all be signs of the harmful effects of sun damage.  While these symptoms dont occur overnight, their slow progression can make both the home itself and your possessions inside age more quickly than they otherwise would.  By applying some effective, yet simply solutions to counteract the suns harmful effects, you can help protect your home from further solar damage.


The Harmful Effects of Sun Damage 

There are a number of ways the sun can damage the home including:

1. Sun rays shining through windows can fade furniture, wood trim, and fabrics

2. Added heat from the sun can increase the internal temperature of the home making it more difficult to keep it cool and leading to higher energy costs

3. Powerful solar rays can deteriorate exterior fixtures such as vinyl siding and asphalt roofs

4. Exterior paint with continuous exposure to direct sunlight can experience bleaching, chalking, or blistering

Ways to Protect your Home from the Sun

1. Install UV-protective windows and shades.  There are also a number of window screen options available with the same sun-shielding protection.

2. When choosing exterior paint colors, select light color hues for more sun reflection resulting in lower air conditioning costs.

3. Choose roofing and siding material that is sun-resistant and able to withstand constant exposure.

4. When choosing exterior paints, look for products with Anti-UV agents or are labeled sunproof or weatherproof.  Also opt from acrylic-based paints over water-based options.  They offer a longer-lasting finish.

A professional with knowledge in the industry can be a great resource for helping you select the best protective products for your home.  They can assist in choosing siding, roofing, and window options that will not only safeguard your home from the heat but also provide long-lasting durability.  If you are looking to defend your home from solar damage, contact our expert crew at Custom Installations.  We have a number of sun-resistant options for virtually every aspect of your homes exterior.

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