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How to Hire a Professional Contractor


Finding the right professional contractor for your next exterior renovation can be a daunting task.  What questions to ask, which credentials to look for, and who to trust can all be difficult questions to answer for homeowners without experience in the trade.  But dont let your lack of expertise stop you from hiring a qualified firm right for your homes needs.  In fact, the process can be quite easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Before beginning the hiring process, it is important to first know what you want.  Take time to write down any specific goals you want to accomplish with the renovation.  This could include inspiration you found online, problems you want to address, or even elements to add to the exterior.  You will also want to set a general budget that includes both materials and labor.   Just a rough estimate will suffice and can be adjusted later as needed.  Once you have both your goals and budget established think about a timeframe in which you would the work to be completed in.

Once you have thought out the details of your renovation, begin researching prospective contracting firms in the area.  Most homeowners begin their search either online or through references from friends or family.  Typically the best companies to partner with are well-established in the local area and have proven experience completing the type of work you need.   It is also important to only choose candidates that are licensed and insured and carry with them the specific certifications needed for their trade.

Once the list of potentials contractors is narrowed down to two or three firms, it is often best to get quotes and conduct interviews.  During this process, the questions they ask you are often just as important as what you ask them!  Reputable businesses will take the time to learn your objectives and offer a quote that is accurate and thorough.  Although cost is always a consideration, it should rarely be the deciding factor.  It is often best to choose the right partner to complete the job rather than simply selecting the one with the lowest bid.

Since 1969, homeowners in the Chicago area have been choosing Custom Installations as their partner for all of the exterior renovation and installation needs.  As a professional contracting firm based in Lake Forest, IL, we offer the best service and craftsmanship in the area.  From roof repairs to siding and window replacement, we can help with any of your homes exterior needs.


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