Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof the Closest to Perfection?

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Is a Standing Seam Metal Roof the Closest to Perfection?


Of all metal roof profiles, the standing seam stands out among others. It possesses the exceptional properties any metal roof is known for. It is impervious to fire, can withstand the effects of hail and reflects most of the solar heat that lands on it. When flawlessly installed, it can retain its structural integrity with minimal maintenance for decades.

But the clever design of the standing seam metal roofing system allows it to boast numerous unique advantages. Custom Installations talks about some of the amazing things it can do:

It Prevents Moisture Intrusion Effectively

No roof can claim to inhibit leakage better than the standing seam system. Its panels interlock vertically, leaving the edges untouched by water no matter how heavy the downpour may be. Some designs also come with thin, long caps that are slid over, or snapped down over the seams to shield them from water.

It Resists Wind Damage

Using a robust fastening system, durable trim covers the edges and keeps gales and gusts from getting under the panels. Any experienced roofing and siding contractor will agree that a standing seam system is practically immune to wind uplift when it’s installed correctly.

It Sheds Rainwater, Snow and Debris Efficiently

The standing seam roof usually sports smooth panels, which conveniently lets anything slide down with little resistance. With the aid of gravity, its steep slopes can remain clear of water, snow and tree particles on its own. You can’t expect the same from textured roofing products.

It Lends a Sleek Element to Home Exterior Design

Architecturally savvy providers of roofing services recommend a standing seam system for modern and contemporary home styles. Its shiny surface and clean, vertical lines accentuate simplicity and elegance. It can be an excellent counterbalance to other visual-heavy exterior elements, such as rugged hardscapes and cedar-shingle siding panels.

Is the standing seam metal roof right for your home? Explore your best options with Custom Installations. Call us at (847) 979-5522 now to discuss your replacement roof project and get a free estimate in Glenview, IL, or any neighboring area.

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