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Roofing Problems Caused by Inexperienced Roofing Contractors


Getting a new metal roof is one of the biggest home renovation projects that you can undertake. It takes no insignificant amount of money and time, on the part of the homeowner, as well as labor, on the part of your roofing services provider, to complete. This is one of the strongest arguments why entrusting this important job to an under-qualified contractor who promise suspiciously low prices is nothing short of a bad idea.

Choosing the right contractor may be challenging as no company will admit to their shortcomings. However, the quality of their work does show their skill level. Our roofing professionals at Custom Installations discuss a few common signs you’re working with an inexperienced metal roofer.

Inconsistent Colors

One of the most obvious signs of low-skilled work is variations on the color of your metal roofing. Certified metal roofers will always use materials from the same batch to complete a job, ensuring consistent colors throughout your home.

Improper Application of Seals

Not all seals are created equal and a professional roofing contractor should know this. Some variants do not work well with certain types of metal roofing and using them could lead to problems down the road. Leaks are common within the first few weeks of installation on jobs done by unskilled workers.

Incorrect Use of Fasteners

Similarly, it takes a lot of experience and training to know which types of fasteners will hold a roof under any conditions. Slight changes in the temperature and humidity can affect a fastener’s ability to keep your roof together and a well-trained roofing and siding contractor should be aware of this right off the bat.

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