Seamless Gutters: A Great Addition to Your Home

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Seamless Gutters: A Great Addition to Your Home


Seamless gutters provide far better benefits over the more common segmented ones. They offer protection from moisture damage with less need for upkeep, ensuring a functional gutter system that can maintain its beauty in the long run.


Custom Installations, Inc., your local roofing and siding contractor, recognizes the seamless gutters’ ability to prevent water leaks and effectively shield the wooden components of the home from further damage. Here’s how:

Consistent Appearance

Seamless gutters are made from straight pieces of metal pieced together around the corners. Their continuous end-to-end appearance limits the use of sealant, making leaks virtually non-existent in such gutter systems. Seamed gutters, meanwhile, would require more sealant to secure each segment. It would eventually lose its tight seal, exposing the home’s exterior to water damage.

As an experienced roofing services provider in the area, Custom Installations, Inc. ensures our seamless gutters are customized to fit any home. We have the machinery to roll-form them in multiple sizes, colors and metals, right at the job site.

Lack of Ridges

Another advantage of seamless gutters in preventing leaks and subsequent water damage to the home is their lack of ridges. These are raised sections along the bottom of segmented gutters that back up small quantities of water and trap debris. When there are no ridges, all rainwater flows to the downspouts and into storm drains.

Other Advantages of Seamless Gutters

You are afforded with options when you decide to have seamless gutters installed. Pre-formed aluminum comes in an array of colors, which is something you should consider when you also want to enhance your home’s curb appeal. You can also choose to put a gutter protection system on them if you don’t want to do a periodic gutter cleaning.

At Custom Installations, Inc., we provide gutter services tailored to each homeowner’s specific requirements. Using industry-leading tools and supplies along with top-notch gutters, we provide superior installation on every completed project.

Give us a call at (847) 979-5522 to learn more about our services like metal roofing and siding installations. You may also fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve residents of Northbrook, IL.

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