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Selling Your Home? 7 Exterior Repairs That Get It Sold!


While we tend to focus on the interior when staging our home to sell, we often forget how important the outside can be. In fact, it is the first thing potential buyers will see when they drive up. Do not let minor outside eyesores detract them from appreciating your homes beauty. Here are 7 exterior repairs that can help sell your home faster:


1. Renew the Patio or Deck Decks and patios require a large amount of upkeep and often start to show signs of wear quickly. Leaving the deck in poor shape makes a potential buyer think of all the work they have to do rather than the relaxing oasis the space offers. Hire a professional to replace rotted planks, broken spindles, and uneven steps. Re-staining or painting a deck can also help create a more welcoming space.

2. Fix Torn Window Screening – Over time window screening tends to deteriorate, loosen from the frame, and form holes throughout. While they may seem easy to overlook, many of these imperfections, especially large holes, can be noticed from as far away as the street.  Window screens should be replaced if damaged or in disrepair. 

3. Refresh the Mailbox – Although it may seem insignificant, the mailbox is usually the FIRST thing buyers will see even before they pull into the driveway.  Replace a worn mailbox with a new one or refresh an existing box with metal house numbers or a potted plant hanging from the back.  Leaning mailboxes are a big warning flag to potential buyers those need to get fixed right away.

4. TLC for the Roof – The best way to succeed in home-selling is to be proactive.  Dont wait for the inspection to uncover problem areas on the roof. Take time to fix needed repairs now.  Hire a professional to examine the rooftop and replace shingles as needed.  This is also a great time to complete a chimney sweep and inspection as well.

5. Clear Spider Webs It may seem simple but eliminating spider webs from the exterior can make a huge difference in the appeal of the home.  You want potential buyers to see an attractive home not a haunted house when they walk to the front door.  Pressure washing will get rid of most of the cobwebs while a basic broom can be used in smaller areas.  Dont forget to repeat as needed as they tend to return quickly.

6. Pressure Wash Siding & Concrete – Having dirty siding can make a home feel worn and outdated.  Buy, rent, or hire someone to pressure wash the following areas: siding, soffits and gutters, stucco, and brick.  Make sure your power washer is strong enough to cut through the buildup but be careful – some pressure washers produce enough force to cut through flesh.

7. Trim Bushes and Landscaping Keep the lawn looking well-cared for by taking time to trim bushes, pull weeds, and add some colorful flower pots to the space.  Overgrown vegetation can be seen from a mile away and may even lessen the value of a home.

Whether you need a minor deck repair or a complete roof replacement, Custom Installations is here to help.  As Chicagos leading exterior contracting company, we have the experience to restore your home to its natural beauty.  We specialize in roofing, siding, gutters, windows, and more. Contact us today to learn more about the quality services we provide.

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