Surefire Signs Your Home Needs New Siding

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Surefire Signs Your Home Needs New Siding


Siding defends homes against the ill effects of the sun, cold, wind and precipitation. In the end, though, it can also fall victim to the very threats it’s meant to repel. Even the best-maintained siding succumbs to these forces and the need for replacement. But before you leap ahead, let your trusted siding contractor confirm the need.

Custom Installations offers these telltale signs that the days of your siding are ending:


Rot prevents your siding from protecting your home against the elements. In some cases, you may be able to repair only the affected area. However, if the rot has spread across the exterior, there’s no other option but to a rot-resistant replacement. We recommend our rot-resistant vinyl siding products.


Holes and cracks affect the beauty of your siding and entire home. But most of all, they compromise structural integrity. Gaps in cladding admit moisture, with critters and insects close behind. Some pests, like termites, are very devastating. Custom Installations offers our siding and roofing services to replace your damaged siding.

Higher Energy Bills

Having no obvious signs of damage to your home siding doesn’t mean there aren’t any. There are subtler signs that your siding is not performing well. If you feel drafts near walls and windows, chances are that you need to either added insulation or a new siding. It would cut drafts and reduce your energy bills. We offer vinyl siding rated by Energy Star for their efficiency.

The Enemy Lies Beneath

Inspect your exterior siding all around your property and from different angles. Check for any siding that no longer lies flat, bulging, or warped. They are like the tip of an iceberg, warning of hazards hidden out of view. With such evidence of serious damage beneath, seek the pros of Custom Installations. We specialize in metal roofing and siding repair and installation. We can diagnose such problems and tell you how to proceed.

Trust Custom Installations for your siding needs. We cater to residents of Lake Forest, IL and other nearby areas. Call us at (847) 979-5522 for a free consultation.

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