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The Features of Different Metal Roofs


Many people assume that metal roofing is the same for every home. In fact, there are two different ways of installing them. One uses standing seam panels, which is the most recognizable. The other uses metal shingles, a more recent innovation. Here is a look at each of these metal roof types.

Standing Seam Panels

Standing seam panels are metal roofs that join together using special attachments known as seams. They are made of sheets and panels that line the roof in large sections before they are tied together. There are three different ways to attach them:

  • Mechanical seams
  • Symmetrical seams
  • Snap-locks

What makes standing seam panels ideal is that they’re easier and faster to install. Roofing services can even modify the seams to make them invisible from the outside. Compared to regular shingles, they can last twice as long. They also use up less material overall, since sheets can be cut to fit the different sections of your roof.

Metal Shingles

The other solution is to use metal shingles. They are sheets that have been modified to the same size, shape and installation manner as regular shingles. Since you need to apply each shingle, this method uses more material overall. That would make it cost more for upfront installation.

Unlike other materials, however, metal shingles are more resistant to fire and weather damage. They are incredibly low-maintenance, so an annual checkup is all you’ll need in terms of scheduled maintenance. The shingles can even mimic the look of other roofing options, like oak or pine.

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