What Is the Cedar Bureau? Why All Homeowners Should Know

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What Is the Cedar Bureau? Why All Homeowners Should Know


Cedar is quickly becoming one of the most popular roofing materials in the United States, and with that popularity comes attention. The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, more commonly known as the Cedar Bureau, seeks to provide homeowners with vital information about this sort of roofing.

Who Is the Cedar Bureau?

The cedar bureau is a non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1915. Their goal is to provide consumers and contractors alike with vital information about all aspects of building with cedar shingles and shake. The group answers thousands of questions about products each year, and they shoulder the responsibility of keeping the public informed. It is a recognized industry authority, and homeowners across the country turn to them for their help and expertise.

Focus on Green Products

The Cedar Bureau takes a serious approach to letting consumers know whether certain brands and materials are considered green and/or sustainable. After all, with today’s booming population, it’s vital that builders and homeowners pay attention to the products they buy. Not only does the Cedar Bureau provide Certi-Label products that are green and sustainable, but they also offer brochures discussing off-grade and non-code-compliant shakes and shingles. These are considered fraudulent, but many sellers attempt to force them on consumers. Consumers can also find remanufactured and pretreated products at the Cedar Bureau website.


Homeowners who want to make sure that they are receiving non-fraudulent shakes and shingles can visit the Cedar Bureau website to view a list of members. Many different types of companies join the bureau for the recognition, and the bureau will not allow just anyone to join. You can find treaters, distributors, manufacturers, installers, contractors, and more who work solely with green cedar. This can help you ensure that you receive high-quality products that will serve you well for many years to come.

Cedar Shake & Shingle Care Tips

Finally, if you have cedar shakes or shingles installed on your home, taking care of them properly will help them last for many years. The Cedar Bureau provides plenty of information for homeowners and contractors alike. You can find PDF files documenting the care of cedar roofs and cedar siding, and you can even find videos that make it easy to learn about roofing installation, sidewall installation, and more.

Help Choosing a Contractor

The Cedar Bureau takes its role in the business very seriously, and it provides a list of tips for consumers who want to hire a contractor to install their cedar roofs or siding. The bureau lines out several different factors you need to consider to protect not only yourself but also the cedar industry. They mention things like the price and the quality of workmanship, but they also mention things like insurance and history – things some consumers do not think to check.

The Cedar Bureau offers a wealth of knowledge and information related directly to the installation of cedar roofs and cedar siding. This information is incredibly valuable to homeowners who have or who are considering using cedar on the exterior of their homes.


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