Why Fall Is the Best Time for Roof Inspection

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Why Fall Is the Best Time for Roof Inspection


When you’re planning your next roof inspection, you usually push it until the next time the weather is better. However, fall is upon us and  experts in roofing services consider this is to be the best season to check on your roof. Here are some reasons behind this:

Ideal Weather Conditions

During this season, we experience less rainfall and sunlight. You’re more likely to experience a cool, slightly windy day. Compared to other seasons, fall is the most relaxed. Excluding possible storms, it’s a great time to set up a roof inspection schedule.

Shingle Use

It’s important to check your metal roofing to make sure they are in peak condition. However, shingles tend to become more fragile in colder weather. Fall is the last chance you have before winter comes and we expect many roofing componets to breakdown then. It’s also easier to spot possible issues, letting you deal with them instead of waiting for further damage.

Contractor Availability

Contractors are busy people, even during the end of the year. While taking a winter job is possible, they might be busy working on emergency repairs for other clients. Some might even use this time to take a vacation. This is why you want to catch them before they become less available–and the fall might be the last chance you’ll get.

Winter Preparation

Winter is the toughest season for all home improvement projects. Shingles become harder to manage, temperatures can cause damage to your decking and it’s harder to find a reliable contractor. Since fall is the last season before the snow falls, it’s best to get the inspection done now. That way, you can stay prepared for when winter arrives.

When you need help preparing for the winter season, get a reliable roofing and siding contractor, like Custom Installations Inc. We offer high-quality roofing materials from manufacturers like CertainTeed® and siding from James Hardie®.

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