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Why Right Now is a Great Time to get Your Roof Done


Many homeowners often delay getting necessary roof repairs done. They keep putting off the project until winter arrives and then they feel stuck. Rather than crossing your fingers that your roof makes it until the warmer months return, consider scheduling the work now. The winter months can be a great time to get your roof done. Below are just a few benefits of scheduling it now.

Great News! You can have your roof done in winter
You may think that the harsh Chicago winters would prevent contractors from being able to complete a roof installation but it doesn’t. Whether you need a new slate roof or just need a few snow guards installed, roof replacements can be completed year around regardless of what month or season it is. While installers may have to be more watchful of the weather forecast, winter can be a great time to schedule this type of work.

Offseason Work = No Wait
While there are many great roofing contractors throughout Chicago, they can be in high-demand during the summer and autumn months. Customers may have to wait to have their work complete if they try to schedule during the peak season. Hiring an experienced contractor such as Custom Installations during the offseason provides greater scheduling flexibility for your roof repair or replacement project.

Different Season, Same Warranty
Many homeowners in the Chicago area worry that their shingle warranty is affected by when the work is completed. That is simply not true. Most, if not all, warranties remain the same regardless of when the work is completed. Homeowners can enjoy all the security that a manufacturer’s warranty provides, even when installing in the dead of winter.

Let us pencil you in…
If your existing roof has seen better days, let the team at Custom Installations pencil you in. We offer homeowners throughout the North Shore area quality roof installations and repairs all year long. Don’t let a bad roof get worse. Let us help in keeping your home warm and secure all winter long. Contact us for more information or to schedule an in-home estimate for your roof replacement.

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