3 Tips to Remember When Choosing a Home Improvement Company

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3 Tips to Remember When Choosing a Home Improvement Company


A home improvement project is something you should only do with an experienced company, but choosing the right one to work with is easier said than done. It’s probably the trickiest part of the project. Whether you’re working on the roof, siding, or the interior of your home, you need to work with the best to ensure success.

Custom Installations Inc, your local roofing and siding contractor, shares tips to help you pick the best home improvement company to work with.

Work With a Certified Company

To ensure you’re getting the best workmanship for your project, the contractors you’ll be working with should have relevant certifications from leading industry manufacturers. This is especially important when doing roofing projects, as the certifications also grant the contractor hardware and products you can’t source from your local hardware store.

Custom Installations is one of the few roofers certified by both GAF and CertainTeed. On top of providing you with high-quality roofs and robust warranties, we also get continuous training for the constant improvement of the roofing services we provide.

Work With a Local Company

Ideally, the home improvement contractor you will be working with should have an established local presence. This isn’t just for convenience in getting homeowner reviews. Working with a local team helps you avoid storm chasers and fly-by-night companies that are only out to take advantage of your insurance company and don’t have your best interests in mind. We, on the other hand, have been providing Northbrook homeowners with quality home improvement services since 1964. We guarantee quality workmanship every time.

Ask for their Specialty Services

Home improvement contractors will provide you with general services, so look out for contractors that offer specialty work. At Custom Installations, we are one of the few local companies that offer in-house sheet metal fabrication. We use these to craft custom pieces for your home, ranging from metal roofing, to chimney flashings, to accent pieces.

Let our experienced team help you with your upcoming home improvement project. Call us today at (847) 558-1967 to learn more about our services. We are a local roofing and siding contractor serving homeowners throughout Northbrook, IL.

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