An Overview of CertainTeed® SureStart PLUS™ Warranties

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An Overview of CertainTeed® SureStart PLUS™ Warranties


Your roofing system represents a sizable investment in your home. This means you would want to keep it protected at all costs. Adequate protection can come in many forms like proper and regular maintenance from reputable roofing services and even prompt repairs whenever they’re needed. One way to protect your roof is by keeping it covered with a good warranty agreement.

At Custom Installations, our professionals work with one of the best roof manufacturers in the country, CertainTeed®. This means we also offer their best and most comprehensive roofing warranty that keeps your roof protected against all common problems. Here’s what you can expect from CertainTeed’s SureStart PLUS™ Warranty.

The Best Option – 50-Year 5-Star Coverage

As the top option offered by CertainTeed, this warranty provides you with lifetime shingle replacement services and 100% coverage for both materials and labor. You also get workmanship warranties for up to 25 years including tear-off and disposal costs, in case you need repairs or replacement. The 5-Star Coverage remains transferable for 15 years to the second homeowner.

The Basic Choice – 20-Year 3-Star Coverage

As a certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster™, our basic warranties come with an impressive and competitive coverage no other roofing and siding contractor in the local area can offer. With our 3-Star Coverage, you can enjoy lifetime shingle replacement as well as 100% materials and labor coverage, all non-prorated. This also covers the disposal of the old and damaged shingles we replace.

The Middle Ground – 50-Year 4-Star Coverage

While our basic coverage can definitely hold a candle against most typical warranties offered by other manufacturers, sometimes it’s simply not enough. If you want better protection but remain skeptical about signing up for our highest warranty option, which comes with a fairly considerable price tag, then our 40-Star Coverage is the perfect middle ground for you. This carries all the benefits of our 5-Star warranty, but it’s transferable period is only for 12 years to subsequent homeowners.

Protect your investments with our comprehensive warranties at Custom Installations. We are your leading provider of exterior remodeling products and services, including asphalt shingles, slate, tile, or metal roofing, siding, and all related accessories. Give us a call at (847) 979-5522 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation/request a free estimate today. We serve Glenview, IL, as well as all surrounding areas.

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