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Chicago High-End Roofing Trends – What Builders are Doing Now


Today’s homeowners are looking for something more than just the standard shingle for their high-end roofing needs. They want their roofing choices to offer many benefits beyond simply protecting their home from water damage. They also want their new roof to be low maintenance, long-lasting and durable against even the harshest of Midwest winters. To meet this need, many Chicago roofing companies are now offering alternative choices in the roofing materials they carry and install.

Read on to learn more about the popular high-end roofing trends for the Chicago building market.

Synthetic Roofing
For those homeowners replacing the roof on their high-end historic home, synthetic roofing products have become a great alternative to the traditional slate, tile, and cedar materials that was originally used. Synthetic shingles can mimic many types of popular roofing styles from asphalt to slate to clay and cedar. It requires little maintenance and is manufactured in many eco-friendly options, an important feature for today’s homeowners.

Metal Roofing
What was once only popular for pole barns and sheds is now seeing a huge surge in the custom home building market as well. Chicago roofing companies are beginning to notice that their high-end customers are now opting for metal as their roofing material choice. Not only does its look compliment many of today’s exterior design trends, metal roofing is one of the most durable and long-lasting solutions on the market today.

Designer Asphalt Shingles
As clients look to add more depth and beauty to their luxury home’s exterior, today’s roofing contractor is now offering designer asphalt shingles as a new option for their roofing material needs. Unlike traditional asphalt shingles with only a single layer, designer asphalt shingles have additional shapes, profiles and thicknesses creating a visually stunning overall look to the home.

If you are building a new luxury home or simply want to update your existing one, it is important to only trust the work to an experienced and licensed roofing contractor. This will ensure not only that you achieve the quality end results you desire, but also that your home is cared for in the process.  As one of the leading Chicago roofing companies, Custom Installations is proud to be a trusted partner for many customers throughout the area. We specialize in custom home roofing installations and are knowledgeable on many of the latest trends in roofing material choices. Contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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