Extending the Life of your Roof is Easier than you would expect with Proper Attic Ventilation

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Extending the Life of your Roof is Easier than you would expect with Proper Attic Ventilation


After having a new house roof installed, many property owners think that they can simply forget about it. However, what many of them don’t realize is that by ensuring that there is sufficient ventilation going through the attic, it will not only help extend the lifespan of a roof substantially; several other benefits can be enjoyed when an attic is thoroughly ventilated as well.

Reducing Attic Temperatures in Summer

When an attic is sufficiently ventilated, it means that air circulation is improved to the rest of a home as well. Adding devices such as solar attic fans will improve airflow through this part of a home tremendously. Once this has been done, homeowners will be able to look forward to being able to reduce their air-conditioning bills during the hotter times of the year. A well-ventilated attic will help to extend the life of roof shingles and many other types of roof materials, while also helping prevent rafters from rotting and stopping ice damming from occurring.

In warmer parts of the country, temperatures in a home’s attic area can reach as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit. However, after installing devices that promote attic ventilation, these temperatures can be reduced by anywhere between 40 and 50 degrees.

Regardless of how much roof insulation products have been installed, it is still possible for heat to move from an attic into the rest of a home. In many cases, insulation can even cause temperatures to rise due to the fact that it traps heat within the insulation material. However, ensuring that there is proper ventilation will prevent this from occurring.

Reduce the Load on a Home’s HVAC System

Another benefit homeowners will notice after installing sufficient attic ventilation is that their air-conditioning and/or HVAC systems will no longer have to work as hard as they did before to keep the house at comfortable temperatures indoors. When the workload is significantly reduced on these systems, it enables them to last far longer, thus requiring fewer repairs over time.

Extend the Life of Roof Shingles and Prevent Mold

When an attic reaches high temperatures in summer, it can result in the roof underlayment material beneath the shingles to become brittle. This will then cause the shingles themselves to curl and warp, which can cause leaks to develop over time.

When moisture builds up in an attic space due to high temperatures, it can also result in the development of black mold. Although this substance may seem harmless, it has been linked to several types of respiratory conditions and allergies, especially in children.

If you are a homeowner and you would like to confirm whether your attic is sufficiently ventilated or not, it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with our professional and experienced team today. They will be able to schedule an inspection to determine whether additional measures will need to be taken so that you can extend the life of your home’s roof as much as possible.

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