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How Long Does a Cedar Roof Last?


How long a roof will last is a question contractors hear quite often. Homeowners want to know that the investment they are making into the home will serve their long-term needs. A roof lifespan can be a big factor in the type of roofing material that they decide to use. Many are attracted to the cedar roof because of its history of offering lasting durability. Cedar roofs are often sold to customers as a system that will last for 20+ years. While this may be true for some, the answer to how long a cedar roof will last is far more complicated. Below we discuss the many factors that determine the life – expectancy of a cedar roof and how to ensure you get the best return on your investment.

Quality of Materials
A long-lasting cedar roof begins with quality materials. The wood we use today is far younger than the wood used back in the 1960’s. This puts us at a disadvantage making the type of species your contractor uses even more important. The cut of the wood also plays a factor into life expectancy. Its thickness and how each shingle is gapped from the next can both be critical for a lasting finish.

Smart Installation Practices
How long a cedar roof will last is greatly determined by how the contractor installs the system. Choosing a contracting company that uses proven best practices will ensure you receive a durable, long-lasting roofing solution. This includes using only stainless steel nails for the project. A better option than steel or coated steel, stainless steel nails will not rust or corrode over time. The contractor should also know the best ways to add proper ventilation to the roofing system. Proper ventilation greatly reduces the harmful effects moisture has on the wood.

Maintenance & Upkeep
Cedar roofs that are properly maintained by the homeowner will last longer than those which are neglected. Proper maintenance of a cedar roof includes keeping the area clear of leaves, dirt and other debris. When buildup occurs, moisture is allowed to sit on the roof soaking into the shingles. Homeowners should also be proactive in replacing worn or damaged sections as they occur. Curling and buckling pieces can weaken the entire system.

With proper installation, the right materials and some basic maintenance, you can expect your cedar roof to last for 20 years or more. At Custom Installations, we take pride in offering our clients lasting solutions for their roofing needs. We use only the best wood and materials to complete the work and follow strict standards when it comes to the best installation practices. And we promise you won’t see your shingles buckling or curling after just a few short years when you choose us as your contracting partner.

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