Roof Pitch: How and Why It Affects Roofing Costs

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Roof Pitch: How and Why It Affects Roofing Costs


The term “pitch” refers to the angle of a roof’s slope. While it helps define the structure’s aesthetic, it is an essential component that plays an important role, especially when it comes to dealing with the elements. The roofing system’s ability to shed rainwater or snowmelt is relative to how steep it is.

When you are tackling a roof replacement, note that your choice of pitch can affect roofing costs. Custom Installations Inc., your local roofing and siding contractors, discusses more below.

Residential Roof Pitch

The first number in the pitch refers to the rise of the roof in inches. For the second number, twelve is always used since it is equivalent to one foot and is referred to the run of the roof. Roofing systems in residential properties range from 3/12 (low-sloped) to 20/12 (steep-sloped).  Those that are considered walkable have a pitch of 8/12 or less.

The Steeper the Slope, the Costlier Roofing Is

Most roofing services pros will tell you that roofing costs tend to be higher when the roof is steeper and can’t be walked on. Apart from the fact that more shingles are needed to cover a roof pitch 8/12 or higher, roofers have to exercise caution during the installation process. The job will go slower because of this, and the time it will take to complete this project will be factored into the price quotes.

Another thing that is worth noting is the fact that roofers may have to use expensive roof safety equipment. This, too, will reflect on the roofing costs. The same can be said when you consider the roofers’ need to apply a variety of techniques in installing roofing materials on a steep-sloped roof.

For your roofing needs, turn to Custom Installations, Inc. Our company has experience installing many of the most popular roof types, including asphalt shingles and metal roofing. As a certified roofer, we deliver the quality craftsmanship your home deserves.

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