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Sell Your Home Fast: 3 Exterior Remodels to Increase Buyer Traffic


When selling a home, first impressions are everything.  Homebuyers often decide whether they like or dislike a residence before even walking through the front door.  They take a quick mental snapshot of the landscaping, color of the home, and its architectural style.  Without even realizing it, they are comparing this property to others they have seen as well as what their vision of a dream home looks like.  While it is impossible to appeal to each and every potential buyer, there are renovations you can complete to make your home more attractive to a wider amount of people. Completing these remodels can also lead to higher offers and quicker closings.


Here are three exterior renovations that can help sell your home:

An Exterior Door Refresh
A worn front door can make a home seem cheap and uncared for.  Replacing an exterior door with a new unit is one of the best ways to instantly create better curb appeal while making a property feel more updated and inviting.  This remodel is also an easy one to complete with even the smallest of budgets.

Replace Dated Windows
No one wants to move into a home and then have to spend thousands of dollars replacing worn windows.  Sellers can move their house more quickly by doing this remodel prior to putting the home on the market.  If the cost of all new windows is out of budget consider purchasing new ones for only those most in need of replacement.

Few things can make a homes exterior appeal to more potential homebuyers than attractive siding.  Conversely, damaged and worn siding can make your home sit on the market for months without even a showing.  If your home has wood planking you may want to consider applying a fresh coat of paint.  Vinyl siding replacement can also be a great option to attract more buyers.  Just remember to keep the colors you choose neutral and warm for greater mass appeal.


Before beginning any work, consult with a local real estate agent on the best choices for your unique home and market.  They can offer accurate estimates on the return of value you can expect for each renovation project you complete.   Partnering with a professional contractor such as Custom Installations is also important.  We can ensure the work is done efficiently and within both your budget and time constraints.  Let us help your homes exterior stand out from the competition with a beautiful renovation.


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