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Sneak Peek: Exterior Home Design Trends for 2016


The hope and promise of a new year has come once again. The arrival of January 1st often marks the turning of a page for many people. Resolutions are made and a list of all the tasks we wish to accomplish throughout the year is drafted. A popular goal that many homeowners have is the desire to remodel their home. Making the space in which they live more welcoming and enjoyable is a top priority. With each New Year, there is a rush of fresh new takes on the standard home exterior. Here’s what we can expect to see in 2016: Natural Wood Design Wood has always been a popular material for exterior design but will be even more desirable in the coming year. From cedar plank siding to custom doors, the use of natural wood will be a big trend for 2016. Subdued Hues More subdued and softened hues will be the top picks for exterior paint and siding options. Gray will continue to be popular and complimented with more natural undertones in the gray-white family or beige family. Sustainable Design Overall homeowners are becoming more aware of the environmental impact their building choices have. The desire for more sustainable materials will continue to rise in 2016 and beyond. Homeowners can expect to see more eco-friendly materials on the marketplace to choose from. Let Custom Installations make your 2016 remodeling resolution a reality. We can take your unique vision and help create a beautiful exterior you can be proud to show off for years to come. From window replacement to custom facades, we have the expertise and skills you want in your next contracting partner. Contact us today to get the new year started off right.

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