The Functions of Fascia Boards and Soffits

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The Functions of Fascia Boards and Soffits


Fascia boards and soffits provide a finishing look to your roof. Fascia boards represent the overhangs attached to the rafter tails, while soffits are the flat panels covering the bottom of the protruding frames. They usually match the color of the siding or the trim, helping to round out the home-exterior design.

But any roofing or siding contractor knows that they’re as structurally relevant as they’re aesthetically important. For Custom Installations, these are the three areas fascia boards and soffits to contribute to the most:

Weather Resistance

Both fascia boards and soffits are connected to the rafters, which are the very frame of the roof. When installed correctly with a drip edge, they prevent wind-driven rain from getting into your home. Considering how challenging this aspect of their job is, make sure that these components are waterproofed. Otherwise, they will deteriorate more quickly and create gaps that moisture could exploit to infiltrate your roof from below.


Any experienced provider of roofing services will say that strong fascia boards are behind sturdy gutter systems. During heavy rain, they support the weight of the gutters and large amounts of water. Gutters are likely to sag when the fascia fails, causing the water to overflow or pool.


Fascia boards and soffits keep critters at bay. However, they often sacrifice themselves just to keep birds, squirrels and rodents away. Animals like to make holes in them to access the underside of your roof, which they find a better shelter than uncovered gutters. If fascias and soffits are to protect your home from animals, you also need to protect them from pests by scheduling some regular maintenance.

Attic Ventilation

Asphalt-shingle, slate, cedar, tile and metal roofing contractors would agree that soffits are the best source of intake ventilation. They have strategic perforations to breathe in drafts and increase air circulation at the bottom of your roof.

When combined with a ridge vent, roofing materials are less susceptible to intense heat and ice damming is less likely to occur. Thanks to a balanced ventilation system, asphalt shingles are unlikely to have blisters, since moisture-ridden air can easily escape the attic.

Are your fascia boards and soffits in good shape? Custom Installations can take a look at them before it’s too late. Call us at (847) 979-5522 now, or complete this form, to discuss your roof maintenance needs in Lake Forest, IL, or any nearby Illinois community.

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