Tips on Choosing the Right Gutter and Downspout Colors

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Tips on Choosing the Right Gutter and Downspout Colors


The gutters and downspouts may not occupy a large portion of your home exterior. But like trim, the right colors can make the exterior color palette look more refined. Gutter and siding contractor Custom Installations shares tips on choosing the right gutter and downspout colors.

Match the Roof or Trim

Exterior colors are dominated by the roof and siding, being the two biggest parts of a home’s exterior and are often paired as complementary colors. Trim is typically a neutral third color that ties the two together and sometimes creates visual breaks if the other colors and/or textures are too busy. The gutter and downspout colors should either match the roof or trim, the former because of proximity, the latter because, like trim, it creates visual breaks.

This may sound restricting, but once you narrow down the two complementary main colors and a third color for the trim, a fourth color for the gutters and downspouts may be too much, but could work on certain architectural styles. You can, however, choose a different shade of the roof color to help it blend in. Also, if the exterior features wide trim, then the gutters and downspouts should match its color.

Consider Copper Gutters Instead of Galvanized Steel

There are many reasons why copper is a great choice for gutters, downspouts and metal roofing. It works in any exterior color palette and architectural style, eliminating the need to mix and match. It also eliminates the need to repaint—in fact, it looks best when it’s installed bare. Instead of corroding, copper forms a green patina that becomes even more beautiful over time. Copper has a long life span, is exceptionally durable, and requires minimal maintenance. If you want to preserve the shiny “like new” look, there are coatings that can be applied on it during manufacture or right after installation.

Avoid Painting Over Dark Colors With Lighter Colors

Your gutters and downspouts may require repainting at some point. If you’re changing it to a lighter color, avoid painting directly over the old, darker color. Certain types of paint bleed into each other even when applied years apart, and could result in uneven color spots. It will take some work, but you should scrape the old paint off, fix corroded portions, then prime it before applying the final coating.

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