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3 Signs Your Exterior Door Needs Replacement


The exterior door of your home should serve as an embracing welcome to all those who visit.  It is also one of the first impressions your home gives to visitors.  Not only does the exterior door provide beauty and elegance, it also offers protection.   It is designed to block elements such as heat, wind, and rain from getting in while keeping the interior cozy and dry. The exterior door can serve many purposes to a homeowner.  For this reason, it is important to ensure it is serving its purpose, and when it doesnt, knowing when a replacement is in order.

Here are three signs that your exterior door needs to be replaced:

1. Warping can be a major problem, especially if the exterior door is made of wood or if the door has gone through harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold.  When doors are exposed to these extreme temperatures, the door can shrink and expand causing gaps between the door and the threshold.  These gaps allow the home to leak cool air or heat while running up your energy bill.

2. Damaged caused by extreme elements.  Exterior doors which are consistently exposed to rain, snow, and wind can deteriorate quickly leaving the door with cracks, chips, and dents.  Sometimes paint can repair these blemishes, but more often than not, the door will lose its appeal and eventually need to be replaced.

3. Other pieces surrounding the door are damaged.  The door frame, threshold, and door jamb can crack, break, or rot if exposed to a lot of water.  Many times when replacing a door, individual pieces can be replaced.  But, to get the best results and functionality of the door, it is often best to replace the entire door hanging system.

Keeping an eye out for these three warning signs will help you determine when an exterior door replacement is necessary.  Fortunately, a new exterior door can be a quick fix and easy to install when completed by a knowledgeable professional.  Let the experienced contractors at Custom Installations replace your aging exterior door keeping your home safe and leaving a lasting impression on all those who visit.

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