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3 Tips to Preventing Ice Dams


Winters can be brutal in the Midwest.  Wind, snow, and ice can do considerable damage to the exterior of the home.  One major issue homeowners face is ice damming.  Ice damming occurs when heavy, wet snow accumulates on roof and gutters, melts during a rapid thaw, and then refreezes.  Left untreated, ice dams can damage the roof, gutters, insulations, drywall, and may even lead to mold.  The best way to treat ice damming is to prevent it from even happening.

Below are three easy ways prep your home for winter while preventing troublesome ice dams from occurring.

Keep the gutters clean
The easiest way to prevent ice dams from occurring is by having a professional clean the gutters in the fall.  They will remove all leaves and debris to allow a free flow of water from the roof, through the gutters, into the downspouts, and away from the home.  If water can move freely through the gutters it cannot refreeze and cause an ice dam.

Properly ventilate roof, attic, and eaves
One major way to prevent ice dams is to properly ventilate your roof and eaves.  It is essential that proper ventilation is installed in the roof to allow cold outside air to freely flow from the soffit vent through to the roof vents.  This continuously flow will prevent moisture build up in the eaves and roof and will not allow the water to pool, freeze, or dam. 

Increase attic floor insulation
Creating increased attic insulation can also help in preventing moisture buildup on the roof.  Older homes are especially prone to lacking the right amount of insulation.  Installing the proper amount of insulation on the attic floor will keep the space warm eliminating the moisture.

There are many simple, preventative steps that homeowners can take to avoid ice dams from forming on their roof and gutters.  By completing some minor prep work and maintenance in the fall, a homeowner can save time and money by avoiding costly gutter and roof repairs.  If your home suffers from gutter or roof damage or just needs better ventilation, contact the experts at Custom Installations.  We offer quality gutter and home ventilation services along with roofing and siding repairs.

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