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4 Tips for Maintaining Your Gutters


Many people forget to realize what an important feature gutters are to their home.  In fact gutters play an integral role in removing water from the roof and away from the home.  Some homes have complex gutter systems, while others are simple.  The replacement of the gutter system may be less frequent if you take the proper steps to keeping-up the system you already have. 

To keep your gutters in great shape, follow these 4 tips for basic gutter maintenance.  

1.      Schedule maintenance and install downspouts extensions The first step to maintaining your gutters is to create a routine maintenance schedule.  Some seasons are harder than others on your gutters and routinely checking your gutters is the best way to prevent significant damage.  Also, downspout extensions will help keep the water away from the foundation preventing cracks and basement flooding.

2.      Install gutter guards Installing gutter guards will keep leaves, pine needles, and other debris out of your gutters allowing water to freely flow off the roof and away from the home.  Frequently clogging rain gutters can overflow often causing soil erosion or mold growth around the foundation of the home.

3.      Seal leaks with gutter seal If there are small leaks, there is no need to replace the entire gutter system.  Inspect your gutters and if leaks are found, seal the leaks with gutter seal.  These gutter liner strips can also be used to reinforce seams and corners to prevent future leaks.

4.      Inspect and reposition splash blocks Splash blocks are the concrete or plastic ramps found in many yards under the downspouts.  As water strikes the splash blocks, they can be pushed down in the ground or moved out of position causing water to flow in and around the foundation. Frequently inspect the splash blocks especially after a heavy rainfall to ensure that they are in the right position.

One of the best starts to achieving and maintaining a healthy gutter system is with proper installation by a certified professional.  The team at Custom Installations offers a full line of exterior services including gutter systems and repairs.   Whether you are looking to repair your gutters or you want to upgrade to a new gutter system, let the professionals at Custom Installations help guide you in making the right decision.      

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