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4 Ways to a More Eco-Friendly Exterior



When planning an exterior renovation there are many things to consider such as the overall look of the home as well as the cost.  Many of todays homeowners also consider the impact their home has on Mother Nature.   They value a home that is beautiful and stylish as well as eco-friendly.  If you would like to make your next renovation environmentally-friendly, it is important to carefully consider the materials and products you choose.


Here are four ways to make your homes exterior more eco-friendly:


1. Opt for Materials made of Renewable Resources.   Select products that are made of renewable resources.  Wood is a prime example of a renewable resource that can be found in many building materials from window frames to siding and more.

2. Use Recycled or Salvaged Items.  Products constructed of recycled or salvaged materials are a great way to make use of refuse that would have otherwise landed in the garbage.  When researching a brand, check to see how much of their product is constructed of recycled materials.

3. Consider the Materials Durability and Life Span.  Utilizing a product that will last for a long time is a smart way to keep excess garbage out of the landfills.  It is also lessens the amount of replacement materials needed.  Consider the life span of the materials for your next siding or roof replacement.  Clay roofing tile is one conventional example of a material choice that is extremely durable and long-lasting.

4. Choose Products that are Biodegradable.  Another way to create less of an environmental impact is by considering what happens to materials once they are no longer usable.  Items that are biodegradable such as wood or earthen materials are great examples of materials that easily decompose and break down.


If the environmental impact of your homes renovation is important to you, carefully consider the product and materials you choose.  Partnering with a contractor who can guide in the selection process is also helpful.  At Custom Installations, we work our clients to create a beautiful exterior that accomplishes their unique objectives whatever they may be.  Our team will ensure your project is aligned with whats most important to you.


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