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7 Signs You Need a New Roof


Roof replacement is an exterior repair most homeowners will need to address at some point during their lifetime of home ownership. Although not a very exciting renovation, installing a new roof is extremely important to the overall structural integrity of the residence. So how do you know when its time to call an expert? While it is hard for any non-professional to be 100% certain that a new roof is needed, there are some clear signs that even a novice can look for.


Age of Roof For most roofs, replacement is needed every 20-25 years. If the prior roof was installed on existing layers, you may need replacement a little sooner typically around the 20th year.

2. Sagging Areas Valleys or sagging areas on the roofs surface can create debris buildup in the area allowing moisture and water to accumulate. This eventually can create leaks in the homes interior.

3. Curling & Buckling Shingles As roofs begin to age so do their shingles leading to both curling and buckling usually visible to even an untrained eye. Once at this stage of deterioration, the shingles are highly susceptible to ice damage and wind uplift.

4. Worn Chimney Flashing Worn flashing around skylights, eaves, the chimney, and other spots is often caused by the drying and cracking of an old roof. It could also be a sign of general expansion and contraction or dried caulking.

5. Falling Granules As shingles begin to further deteriorate, they tend to shed their granules more easily. The loosened granules can often be found in the gutter system and downspouts.

6. Missing Shingles Missing roof shingles are a clear sign that repairs are needed. As these areas continue to be damaged by high winds and extreme weather, they can further weaken the roof area.

7. Leaking or Water Damage in Attic A leak in the attic or water damage found around the ceiling area could a sign of roof deterioration. It could also be caused by several other problems though such as condensation from poor roof ventilation or ice damming.

If your home is suffering from any of these warning signs, contact Custom Installations today. Our expert technicians can meet you onsite to complete a thorough inspection and help determine the cause of your problems along with the best way to address them. This may mean a complete roof replacement or a simple repair to your existing shingles. With over 40 years in the business, we are Chicagos preferred choice for quality roofing installations and repairs.

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