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A Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Homes Exterior


There is no time better than late summer and early fall to take care of small exterior tasks before the cooler months arrive.  Inspecting the exterior and fixing small repairs now rather than waiting for an emergency to occur can save you thousands of dollars not to mention your sanity.  Give your homes exterior some much needed TLC now so you dont have to worry about it come December.


Below are four tasks to add to your fall preparation checklist:


Remedy Roof Problems

Before the roof gets piled with snow, check for and remedy any roof issues.  Common problems include curled or worn shingles, damaged flashing, and leaky vents.  This would also be a great time to have the chimney swept.


Clean the Gutters

Make sure your gutter system is ready to take on the extra load in fall by having all gutters and downspouts thoroughly cleaned.  Leaving the space full of leaves can lead to clogs in autumn and ice damming in winter.  Also ask the gutter professional to check for any leaks or open seams.


Close Gaps & Leaks

Over time homes can experience gaps around the windows and doors.  In fact, up to 10% of a homes heating costs can be attributed to leaky windows and doors.  Fix them now so you can keep the warm, heated air inside when it gets frigid outside.  Inspect windows for damaged caulk and apply weather-stripping as needed.


Drain the Faucets

Another important task to complete is draining outside faucets and irrigation systems of water prior to the first freeze.  Doing so can help prevent bursting pipes come winter.  For faucets, close the shut-off valves first and then drain completely.  Follow the manufacturers guidelines to prep any irrigation system.


If you find yourself pressed for time, hire a professional to complete many of these tasks for you.  Custom Installations offers homeowners in the Lake Forest area and beyond quality exterior installations and repairs.  From gutter cleanings to window installation and replacement, we provide the services you need to get the exterior in tip-top shape.  Let us help get your home winter-ready.

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