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Aluminum Roofing: Winning Qualities You Shouldn’t Overlook


Aluminum is fast becoming the most popular choice of metal roof among discerning homeowners. Available in different profiles, it’s the opposite of style-restrictive. It’s durable like your typical metal roof, but its weather resistance beats many of its counterparts on many levels.

If you’re seeking professional roofing services to replace your aging system, here’s why Custom Installations highly recommends aluminum as a replacement:

It Never Rusts

Unlike steel, which is an iron alloy, aluminum is rustproof. It doesn’t last forever, just like any other construction material, but it won’t deteriorate quickly due to exposure to water. In fact, it’s often combined with steel to delay steel’s corrosion and prolong its service life.

It Weighs No Greater Than Any Metal

Of all metal roofing options, aluminum is one of the few that can claim to be incredibly durable yet surprisingly light. Its weight won’t pose any structural issues because even the framing design of old homes can support its heft.

It Is Custom-Measured to the Roof Dimensions

Its panels are usually factory-made according to a specific length of the roof. Plus, aluminum is highly malleable so it can be easily bent into any shape to satisfy the requirements of tricky roof designs.

It Is Painless to Install

Custom-manufactured upon arrival and lightweight, most metal roof providers find aluminum the easiest to install. It can benefit you too because it can effectively drive down your project’s cost of labor.

It Comes in Any Conceivable Color

Any veteran roofing and siding contractor would agree that the natural appearance of aluminum tends to be institutional. Fortunately, it’s versatile enough to look like anything you want. You can coat it with your paint of choice to round out your home exterior design.

It Hardly Goes to Landfills

Most importantly, aluminum is extremely sustainable. When it reaches the end of its life span, it can be reclaimed and repurposed into anything while preserving its desirable properties infinitely. Thanks to the strong demand for it, recyclers get a lot of incentive working with aluminum, keeping it from ending up in landfills someday.

Learn more about aluminum roofing systems. Call Custom Installations at (847) 979-5522 now to discuss your roof replacement project and receive a free estimate in Northbrook, IL, or any nearby community.

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