Cold Chicago Weather is Almost Here – 5 Reasons to Have Custom Installations Inspect Your Doors & Windows for Leaks

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Cold Chicago Weather is Almost Here – 5 Reasons to Have Custom Installations Inspect Your Doors & Windows for Leaks


One of the most common problems we hear from our customers is leaky windows and doors. Whether you are noticing a drafty entryway or furnace that is always running, there are many warning signs that your home may be having leak issues. When’s the best time to get those doors and windows checked out? Before the cold Chicago weather is here!

Here are five reasons why you should get your door and window inspections completed before winter arrives:

1.Leaky windows and doors waste energy!

When your windows and doors aren’t keeping the warm air in and the cool air out, you are wasting energy! Chicago winters are notorious for being bitterly cold making the need for a quality furnace crucial. But a furnace can only do its job when the heated air is kept inside the home.

2.Leaky windows and doors cost you money!

When you allow leak problems to fester it’s not only throwing warm air out the window but also money. This home problem creates energy inefficiency causing your furnace to run harder and longer to do the same job. This leads to higher bills from your utility company.

3.Leaky windows and doors can cause mold issues!

Did you know that inefficient windows can lead to mold issues inside the home? In fact, this can be a common household problem. When there is repeated moisture exposure due to condensation or leaky gaps, mold can grow at an alarming rate.

4.Leaky windows and doors can lead to water damage!

When windows and doors have visible gaps, they do a poor job of keeping the outside elements, well, outside. Rain, snow and sleet can all find ways to creep inside the home. This can lead to costly water damage and hefty repair bills. A door or window leak repair can help lessen your exposure to expensive water damage.

5.Leaky windows and doors create uncomfortable drafts!

Do you find yourself covering up with a blanket anytime it gets cooler outside? It may be because your windows and doors are letting uncomfortable drafts into the home. The exterior doors of the home are one of the main culprits behind this type of problem.

Door and window inspections are the best place to start if you feel you have leak problems. But not all inspections are created equal. You want to make sure the professional you hire for the job knows what they’re doing.

For those in Chicago, that expert partner is Custom Installations. We are the top certified and licensed exterior installation and repair company in the area. Whether you need a small repair or a complete window installation, trust your home to only the best – the team at Custom Installations. Schedule your in-home visit today!

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