Different Types of Siding at Different Price Points

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Different Types of Siding at Different Price Points


If you’re thinking about what home improvement project to complete next, consider getting a siding upgrade. Here are a few siding options you can choose from, put together by siding and roofing services expert, Custom Installations.

Vinyl Siding

From the ‘60s to this day, the use of vinyl for siding remains a popular option, particularly among homeowners that consider low costs as a primary consideration for making home improvement choices. Vinyl’s affordability doesn’t make it weak, however, as it is also known for its durability and requirement for little to no maintenance.

Aluminum Siding

Another siding option known for being easy on the wallet is aluminum siding. It has gained popularity particularly among environmentally-conscious homeowners who want more energy-efficient homes. Aluminum is fire-resistant and pest-resistant too.

Fiber Cement Siding

For homeowners that are able to spend a bit more for better durability, fiber cement siding is a good choice. As an expert siding contractor, Custom Installations is proud to offer James Hardie fiber cement siding options, considered the leader in the manufacture and design of this type of siding material. And, with the addition of Hardie ColorPlus® technology, fiber cement won’t just last but will last beautifully throughout many years.

Cedar Siding

If you want a classically beautiful home and especially if you have a cedar shake roof too, cedar siding might be your best choice. The upfront costs for applying this type of material are higher compared to what other siding options might require. Cedar, however, has been known to last for up to 50 years with proper care and maintenance.

Custom Installations is a home improvement expert, specializing in asphalt, cedar and metal roofing installation, as well as in vinyl, aluminum, cedar and fiber cement siding application. We are a local, family-owned and operated business with nearly 50 years of experience behind us. Give us a call at (847) 979-5522. We serve a number of Illinois communities, including homeowners in Lake Forest, IL.

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