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Maintain Your Windows to Keep the Cold Out


The holidays are finally over and we are left with 3 more months of winter.  Everyone wants to stay warm so many homeowners find themselves turning up the heat, turning on the fireplace and wrapping themselves in blankets.  But what if there is a way to keep your living space warmer.  One of the major culprits which allow the chill to enter the home is your windows.  Fight against the drafts by doing some basic maintenance around them keeping your family warmer and your utility bills lower.

To keep the heat in your home, follow these 3 tips for basic window maintenance:

1.  Caulk around the seams Examine the windows around the seams to see if there are visible gaps or if you feel cold air seeping in.  If so, use push caulk around the window and the frame to seal it keeping the cold air outside.

2.  Add weather-stripping Add weather-stripping to the bottom of the window sash.  Most weather-stripping has an adhesive edge that will stick to the window sash ensuring a tight seal when the window is closed.

3.  Fill gaps with sealant or foam Fill holes in or around the window with a high performance sealant or an expansion foam.  Sealants often are available in tubes made for caulk guns and expansion foams will come in spray cans with an attached straw for precise foam delivery.  Either of these will fill holes in window sills, aprons or castings and many are rated for both interior and exterior use.

At Custom Installations, we are experts in servicing all the aspects of our customers exteriors including windows. While some basic maintenance can be done by the homeowner, larger, more extensive repairs and installations should be left to the experts.  Our team can assist with those larger projects.  To add even further value to our clients, we also carry all the top brands in the industry including Pella, Marvin, Sunrise and Simonton.  Dont let the cold bother you and your family again.  Contact the experts at Custom Installations to keep the chill of winter out of your home.

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