Metal Roof: Durable and Versatile Roofs

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Metal Roof: Durable and Versatile Roofs


Metal roofing is fast becoming one of the top alternatives to the usual asphalt roof. This is all thanks to its higher durability, longer service life and relatively low maintenance needs. What most people don’t know is that metal is also versatile when it comes to looks.

Metal Roof: Durable and Versatile Roofs

Custom Installations Inc. shares how metal roofs can easily match some of the most common house styles.

Colonial Homes

The classic home style takes its influence from the houses during the 1600s, so it’s easy to misjudge metal as an out-of-place material for the roof. While it’s true that wood shingles add classic fair, they are more susceptible to water damage, rot and decay.

Metal can easily replicate the look of these wood shingles but won’t have the weaknesses associated with the original roofing material. Metal is also fire resistant and completely immune to termite and water damage, making them a great long-term alternative to wood.

Contemporary Homes

Asphalt shingles reign supreme when it comes to contemporary homes and while they are more durable than wood and can last up to 20 years, the asphalt itself starts breaking down as soon as they are installed. Metal is a good alternative as it can be shaped into any roof design without losing its strength. It also lasts twice as long as asphalt and can easily withstand even the most punishing weather. As part of our roofing services, we’ll help you pick the right finishing options for your contemporary metal roof.

Historic Homes

One of the biggest challenges of preserving historic homes is keeping their integral components intact and secure, such as the foundation and the roof. While the foundation is relatively easy to replace (as you can’t really see it), the roof is a bit trickier since it’s the most noticeable part of the historic property.

As a roofing material, metal is easy to style into the classic design of the historic home. Apart from its sheer stability and durability, metal roofs can also add value to your home as most prospective homeowners and buyers are attracted at the prospect of a roof that is durable and has a longer life span.

At Custom Installations, Inc., we are a local roofing and siding contractor that’s ready to assist you on your next home project. Call us today at (847) 979-5522 to learn more about our services. We install metal roofing in Lake Forest, IL and other parts of Illinois.

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