New Siding for Spring Is a Good Thing

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New Siding for Spring Is a Good Thing


As a known provider of great siding and roofing services, Custom Installations can certainly perform excellent work on your home any time of the year. There are specific advantages, however, to conducting home improvement projects during the spring; specifically, upgrading or replacing your siding, whether it be with the same or different type of material as you have now.

Avoid Worsening Winter Problems

Winter is never easy on any structure. Your home may look unscathed after a challenging winter but that doesn’t mean structural problems are completely absent or at least, beginning in one way or another. Spring is an opportunity to check on your home and make repairs or replacements where needed. Install new siding during the spring and have your home ready to face any type of weather throughout the rest of the year.

Avoid Working in the Summer Heat

Having provided siding contractor services for as long as we have, Custom Installations knows only too well the difficulties with performing siding upgrades during the summer. Apart from having to protect our crew from working under harsh conditions, we also need to consider the effect of extreme heat on the materials we handle. Vinyl, for instance, is quite susceptible to damage when it is extremely hot or extremely cold.

Avoid the Holiday Queue

Everyone wants their homes ready for the holidays and if you wait until the fall to replace your siding at home, you may find yourself waiting a while to get your turn. An even more serious cause for concern is that installations made too late in the fall might not yet be sturdy enough by the time winter begins again.

Custom Installations is fully equipped to assist you not just in replacing your asphalt, tile, or metal roofing but in applying new vinyl, aluminum, or fiber cement siding for your home as well. We are a manufacturer-certified company, having continuously grown our reputation since 1964. You may reach us at (847) 979-5522. We serve homeowners located in Glenview and Northbrook, IL.

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