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One Size Does Not Fit All: Understanding the HardieZone® System



Each region in the U.S. has its own distinct climatic qualities. From the dry heat of Arizona to the below-freezing temps of Minnesota. Climate isn’t one-size–fits-all, so your home siding and trim shouldn’t be either.

James Hardie took variations in climate into consideration when engineering its siding and trim. They developed the HardieZone® System, which is based on eight individual climatic variables (think temperature, humidity, rain, snow, hail and topographical factors) that affect the long-term performance of siding.

When considering the range of factors, engineers noticed some crossover in certain regions, allowing James Hardie to create the HZ5® product line for zones 1-5 and the HZ10® product line for zones 6-10.

James Hardie is the only siding company that does tailor its siding and trim offerings to different climate regions. Other home siding and trim companies, including LP® Building Products, have one product line for the diverse variety of climates across the U.S. LP® SmartSide® siding coats its wood-based siding in water-resistant waxes for short-lived moisture protection in rainy, humid environments. And it’s important to note that its warranty doesn’t cover a number of regions (from Hawaii to parts of California, Washington and Oregon)—a clear indicator that they don’t trust the performance of their siding.

Here’s a closer look at the home siding and trim that’s Engineered for Climate®, and a breakdown of how each system protects your home’s exterior.

The HZ5 system is right at home in climates with freezing temperatures, extreme seasonal temperature variations, and snow and ice. It was engineered with a reduced water absorption rate and more strength in freezing climates. To ensure its beauty matches its durability, the surface is engineered for higher performance, giving it superior paint adhesion and moisture resistance. In addition to the HZ5 product formulation, HZ5 HardiePlank® lap siding features a modified profile featuring a drip edge to provide improved water management. Hardie HZ5 siding is engineered to perform with ease in cold, wet, freezing climates. It’s winter ready, able to resist shrinking, swelling and cracking even after years in the northern conditions. If you’re a Midwesterner, this is your zone.

The HZ10 system is engineered for areas with hurricane-force winds, salty sea air, and the brutal, humid heat of the southern half of the U.S. Specifically formulated for climate zones 6-10, the HZ10 boards resist cracking, splitting, rotting and swelling season after hot, humid, tropical storm season. If you’re a southerner, you’ve found your zone.

ColorPlus® Technology for your Specific Zone. When it comes to vibrant, lasting color, James Hardie had all the climates in mind when it crafted its ColorPlus® Technology finish. Whether you call home the Midwest or the Deep South, ColorPlus Technology provides a multi-coat, baked-on finish—crafted specifically for your region—that resists UV fading to help retain the vibrancy of the color you choose.

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