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Purchasing a Home? Why You Should Never Forget the Roof Inspection


Are you ready to put an offer in on the house of your dreams?  Purchasing a new home can be stressful because you want to make the best decision possible.  And no one ever wants to buy into a money pit.  Many think that a good home inspection guarantees the protection of their investment.  While it does help determine underlying issues the home may have, it often does not replace the need for a thorough roof inspection.  In fact, many consider roof defects as one of the most overlooked problems that home inspectors miss.  While the inspector may perform a visual examination of the roof this is typically completed from the ground levelThey are not required to be physically on the roof to examine it.  Keep in mind that inspectors are also not experts in roof installations and repairs.  While they can easily see missing shingles, they are not trained to look for larger structural issues.  Hiring a certified roofing specialist to examine and assess the roof prior to purchase can help to diagnose any and every problem saving you both time and money on costly repairs.

While on site, a roofing inspector will provide a thorough examination of the roof and surrounding areas.  They will determine the age of the roof and what materials it is constructed of.  They will also look at the pitch to determine the steepness of the roof.  Contractors charge more money for repair work on extreme pitches.  The roofing professional will also determine how many layers are on the roof and note any previous repairs that have been completed. Once the inspection is finished, they will share with you the life expectancy of the roof, its overall condition, and any repairs that are needed.  This information can then be used in the negotiation process to ensure you get the best deal possible.

If you are buying a new home, contact Custom Installations to schedule a complete roof inspection.  Our experienced team will make sure your dream home is the right fit for both you and your pocketbook with a solid, functioning roof.  Dont get stuck with a money pit, contact us today to schedule a certified roof inspection. 


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