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The Truth about Window Condensation


Are you waking up in the morning to foggy windows that ruin your view to the backyard? As the days get cooler, many homeowners begin to experience condensation on their windows and glass doors. While this excess moisture may seem harmless, it is important to get to the bottom of why it’s occurring inside your home.
What is condensation?

Condensation can occur both on the inside and outside of any glass door or window surface. When located on the inside, condensation is excess moisture accumulation. Outside condensation is a type of dew that typically collects overnight.

Why does condensation occur?
Interior condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes in contact with a cool surface such as a window. The cold air permeating from it simply can’t hold as much moisture as the warm air in the rest of space causing the moisture to collect on its surface. Homes that experience excessive condensation may have too much moisture and humidity inside the home exacerbating the problem.

Can condensation damage the window?
While minimal condensation on your windows causes little harm, it can be a warning sign of a larger humidity problem. When too much moisture condenses on the windows, it can freeze into ice and then thaw causing blistering and rot on the window frames over time. Condensation can also lead to an overall deterioration within the home as the moisture begins to affect unseen areas. The dampness can even permeate walls and freeze into insulation in winter. When spring arrives, the ice than melts causing water problems.

How can I solve condensation problems?
Using a dehumidifier can help remove some of the moisture in the area. Make sure to regularly clean the unit and its filters as they can quickly be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold which is then dispersed into the living space. Installing quality, energy efficient windows is also helpful in greatly reducing any condensation problems.

If you home is experiencing excessive condensation issues consider getting your windows inspected by a certified contractor such as Custom Installations. We have experience helping our customers solve many common windows problems. Whether you need a complete window overhaul or just a few units replaced, our expert team can help ensure you receive the best in both installation and service.

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