How to Ensure You’re Working With a Trustworthy Exterior Remodeling Company in Chicago

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How to Ensure You’re Working With a Trustworthy Exterior Remodeling Company in Chicago


Choosing the right contractor for your exterior project can be one of the most critical decisions you make.  Having the right (or the wrong) contractor can mean the difference between an end result you can enjoy for years to come and one that wasn’t quite up to your expectations.

But how do you decide which Chicago exterior remodeling company to trust?  It starts by knowing what to look for in your next partner.

Here are the qualities you should look for in your next Chicago exterior remodeling contractor:

  • Examples of past projects. A trustworthy exterior contractor should be able to provide examples of their previous work.  If you have a unique project such as a historical renovation, make sure they can demonstrate skill with that specific type of work.
  • Proof of liability insurance. You want to ensure both your home and your financial assets are protected should something happen on the jobsite.  Make sure they carry liability insurance.
  • Experience in the business. How long has the company been working in the field? How many years of experience does their average crew member have?
  • Positive ratings online. Check the Better Business Bureau, Google reviews and other sites to see what people have to say about the company.  This is a good indicator of how they run their business.
  • Good communication. Trustworthy contractors are able to communicate well with their customers.  Timely responses and being able to effectively correspond are both essential to ensuring you receive the care you deserve.

One Thing to Avoid

While there are many characteristics to look for in your next contractor, there is also one thing to avoid.  Especially after natural disasters, traveling “professionals” will often go door-to-door soliciting business.  While not all out of town contractors are bad, many can leave you with shoddy work at a stiff price.  Experts suggest trusting only a local company for your exterior projects.

For a community partner you can trust look no further than Custom Installations.  We have helped residents of the Libertyville area maintain their exteriors for decades.  Our top priority is providing our neighbors quality work at affordable prices.  Visit our website to learn more about why Custom Installations is Chicago’s most trustworthy exterior remodeling company.


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