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Which One Should You Replace First: Windows or Siding?


Completing a large exterior project can be both an expensive and time-consuming job for a homeowner to undertake. Two of the most popular renovations are siding and window replacements. Both can add their own unique value to the home and are often a smart investment to make into the property. At Custom Installations, we are often asked for advice on which project a homeowner should complete first – their windows or their siding. They want to beautify their home while also enjoying the many benefits each project can offer. While we do our best to answer their questions, the solution isn’t as straightforward as you may think.

If you are a homeowner wrestling with the same questions, the first step is to reach out to a qualified contractor. If you live in the Lake Forest or surrounding area, Custom Installations would be happy to help. Each home is different and finding the right solutions for your home will be based on a number of factors. Discuss with the contractor your needs, budget, and time requirements. If necessary, meet with more than one until you find a professional team you can trust to complete the quality work you deserve.

While it may not be possible for every homeowner, replacing a home’s siding and windows at the same time is usually the best option. It is ideal for a number of reasons and, although a bigger check needs to be written at one time, it can often save homeowners money in both material and labor costs. Completing these renovations simultaneously allows the contractor to do the work without having to worry about taking down and reinstalling new siding to install the windows or vice versa. If you are able to, you may want to save more money for longer and complete these two projects together.

When repairs are necessary and you simply don’t have the time to wait, it is often suggested that windows get replaced before the siding. When installing windows there are many tasks that must be completed which involve taking down the existing siding. This includes capping the windows, installing a moisture barrier, and sizing them appropriately. Removing and then reinstalling newer siding is not only time-consuming but may also cost the homeowner more in labor costs while running the risk of damaging the finish. Homeowners can also begin enjoying the energy savings that new windows provide right away.

When it comes time to make the big decisions for your home, trust the team at Custom Installations for help. We can assess your unique property and offer the best solutions for your specific needs and budget. With decades of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and skill to ensure you make the right decision. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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