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Why Your Homes Roof Pitch Matters


Do you know your roofs pitch?  Although rarely thought about, the homes roof pitch plays an important part in how the overall structure functions.  It is also a factor to consider when replacing the roof itself. 


Different Pitches = Different Roofing Materials

Since one of the roofs main functions is to run water off of the home, the slope at which it does this often determines the type of roofing chosen.  Those with steep roofs, also called high pitches, are more easily able to run the water off.  Their risk of standing water is low and many different types of roof materials can be used such as tiles or composition shingles.  Those with low pitches such as flat roofs with little to no slope require options that retain less water in them to prevent water damage.  Often times these properties have roofing systems constructed of waterproof materials such as PVC.   Metal is a popular roof covering for these types of homes.


How Roof Pitch is Calculated

The roofs pitch is determined by factoring how many inches the roof raises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally.    For example, a roof that rises 4 inches for every 12 inches of run is considered to have a 4-in-12 pitch.  A contractor will typically take these measurements by accessing the attic space.  Although the process is quite simple, a certain level of knowledge is needed.


When considering a roof replacement for your home, trust a team with experience and knowledge in the field such as Custom Installations.  Based in the North Chicagoland area, we service the surrounding counties, as well as parts of Northwestern Indiana and Southeastern Wisconsin.  Offering the best roofing options for your unique homes architecture, we will help guide your roofing installation process from start to finish.


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