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Window Condensation: Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It


Noticing water and frost building up on your windows?  If so, be rest assured you are not the only one experiencing this problem.  Condensation on both the interior and exterior of the window is a common complaint of many homeowners.  While it may not be possible to completely eliminate the problem, there are ways to control the buildup.  Knowing why condensation occurs and how to effectively manage it can help keep your windows sweating issues under control.

Are my windows to blame for the condensation?

Moisture in the air, not windows, causes condensation.   In fact, some homeowners experience less condensation with older windows as they are often drafty letting dryer air flow into the home.

How can I reduce condensation on the windows?

The key to reducing condensation is controlling the humidity within the home.  By eliminating the humidity and moisture in the air, you can also lower the amount of frost and water buildup on your windows.  Here are some simple things you can try:

– Allow cooler air in the space by cracking a door or window daily

– Use exhaust fans in the bathrooms and laundry room when necessary

– Install a dehumidifier

– Open curtains and blinds to allow air flow to the windows

– Install storm windows or replace single-pane windows with newer, insulated units

Is window replacement ever necessary?

Window replacement is needed when condensation begins occurring between the two layers of glass in an insulated window.  This is a sign that the seal has been broken and the glass will need replacement.  Especially for those that live in northern climates, insulated windows are also a wise investment for both increasing the homes energy efficiency and reducing condensation.  Substituting single pane units for these better alternatives is a popular solution for those experiencing extreme moisture issues.

When window replacement is necessary, contact the experts at Custom Installations.  We carry the best brands in the window industry including Pella, Sunrise, and Marvin.  We can address your condensation concerns while offering professional window installation and repair.  Whether you need just a single window replacement or are renovating the entire exterior, our team of experienced contractors is ready to help.

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