It's Only a Matter of Time Before Leaves Land on your Roof - Inspect your Gutters Now! 

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It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Leaves Land on your Roof – Inspect your Gutters Now! 


If the leaves haven’t fallen on your roof yet, they will be soon!  Fall is officially here and with it the beautiful colors of changing foliage.  But along with the picturesque views comes the risk of clogging gutters.  While we may enjoy the golden falling leaves, our gutters do not!

Fall is one season in which every homeowner should take special care of their gutter system.  It can easily become bogged down with wet, thick piles of vegetation.  This can lead to devastating damages to the home.  Regular inspections are the best defense against those heavy leaves that will soon be landing on your roof.

Clogged gutters can cause more damage than you think.  Here are just a few of the potential problems they can lead to:

  • A gutter system can become bent or pull away from the home when it becomes overloaded with too much weight.
  • Clogged gutters can allow water to back-up onto the roof. This can cause the roofing materials and wood underneath to rot or become water-logged.
  • The landscaping below can become oversaturated from water running over the gutter’s edges. The foundation of the property can also experience water damage.
  • Clogged gutters often overflow with water. This water can hit surfaces not built to handle constant contact such as windows, window frames, doors and more.
  • When gutters become too heavy and pull away from the home, the wood fascia it’s connected to can become damaged. The wood may splinter or even experience rot from constant water exposure.

Before the leaves fall even more this season get your gutter system inspected.  It is the best way to ensure your system can handle what fall has in store.   Preventing unnecessary damages, a quality inspection by an experienced professional can save you tons of time and money.  Schedule your Chicago gutter inspection with the area’s leading exterior renovation expert – Custom Installations.  Call us today to book your next inspection.

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